Colaboration with University of Rijeka CUDA Teaching Center

We are proud to announce our collaboration with University of Rijeka CUDA Teaching Center, which was kind enough to offer us development hardware and technical support and training in usage of Nvidia CUDA technologies. With this, we now have access to a CUDA embedded development kit called Jetson TK1. Details about the development kit in the full post.

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Project summary: 3D human modeling and animation

This project goals are 3D  human modeling and animation. For this purpose we are using Blender 3D modeling software as a simulator, Makehuman for character generation and Python scripts to tie all the components together.

Using Python we are able to animate human models so that they move through a scene avoiding objects. One such Python script allows the user to specify a starting position,  an ending position, a starting frame and an ending frame. Other scripts allow the user to set the camera on a specific position and to set cameras focus. The project has a scene made in Blender, into which we export a human model. Scripts set key frames which are combined into an animation of human movement.


Files can be downloaded at this location.

Project participants:
– Ana Vranković