Virtual Reality application with Oculus Rift, Optoma 3D and 3D sensor

The goal of this project was to create a Virtual Reality experience using the Oculus Rift and any available 3D sensor. As we wanted to implement skeletal tracking the logical choice was to use the Xbox 360 Kinect as it had skeletal tracking implemented in the driver.

We wanted to  render arms inside the engine, which would use the partaker’s hand, elbow and shoulder positions to set the bone positions of the virtual arms.

As the engine has a built in plugin for Oculus Rift launching the project within it was trivial.

An additional goal was to port the project for use on a 3D projector. Unreal Engine 4 however, does not support stereoscopic 3D rendering. Hence, a plugin was created to alleviate the problem.




Project participants:

Edi Ćiković

Kathrin Mäusl