Cloud Face recognition

While all sorts od Cloud APIs are becoming more and more popular in replacing local-based alternatives, this project was intented to demonstrate Face Recogition via Cloud, with OpenCV’s Haar Classificator running locally and is used for detecting faces.

Project implements two optional Cloud APIs – Face++ and FaceR.
Recognition is done comparing locally detected face (using OpenCV) with person model pre-trained by few hundred images (total 505 images were used in a process using Cloud APIs).
Result of a Face recognition is confidence level which tells us what are the odds that unknown, detected face really belongs to the pretrained person model. Threshold of 70% is set for recognition to be successful.

Project, including documentation and Python scripts, is available on this link.

Additionally, introductional video  with app demonstration is available.


DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus


This project’s main objective was to test the quadcopter autonomus landing system by using the previously developed android applications „APASLab Aviator“ and „APASLab Base“ and suggest improvements to increase landing accuracy. Before testing, mentioned apps did undergo a landing algorithm optimization, which led us to conclusion that the landing has improved significantly. However, there is still room for more improvements e.g. computer vision,  which will hopefully come in the near future.

Project documentation available here.

Project participants:

Nenad Vrkić

Kristian Suljć


Indoor localization application

BuildNGO is an application which is used for indoor localization, it is free to download and easy to use. Before you can use this application you must register on SAILS Tech and download Josm editor.
Josm is a free editor that allows you to create 2D image, building scheme, which are seen in the application buildNGO floor by floor. There are some other applications for android cell phones like “indoor map painter” which are used for editing “painting” walls and rooms that are seen in the same application but are not necessary.

The project was built for the hotel Corinthia in Baška, Croatia, for their guests to find their way around. For an easier testing we built one more application for our college.

Indoor map painter