Localization and tracking of UAVs using an RGB camera

The goal of this project was implementing an indoor drone position monitoring system using AR (Augmented reality) binary markers and an external RGB (Red Green Blue) camera. The project was implemented using ROS (Robot Operating System) to enable easy upgrades in the future.

This project was made with the intention of further improvement by integration with multi-drone coordination system (swarm control). The given solution would be used to track and identify drones, find errors in the movements of drones, and provide information for the decision making process for following movements of each of the drones.
AR markers are an adequate solution for the purposes of this project, but it can be improved by using various computer vision algorithms, IE detection and object identification algorithms. This would provide useful information for the needs of precise collision avoidance, complex flight formations or formations using large numbers of drones.
The work provided provides a basis for future improvements and integrations into new systems
for the needs of the RiTeh Drone Team.

Github: https://github.com/matildabenac/zavrsni_rad